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Lots of people complain about patent law, but have you ever asked yourself what would happen if patent laws did exist in our country? Do we still need patent laws thinking about the fast pace of technology? By the time someone gets a patent, they are probably well into production, and they are modifying their products and services as they learn new things in the market, and when this occurs Inventhelp Vibe needs to continually be upgraded. The original patent filing becomes nothing more than a concept of what might be done. Almost like the original outline for strategic business plan, when it is nothing more than a gleam in an entrepreneur’s eye.

Further, it’s hard to say if patents even matter anymore, because of international corporate espionage, and the truth that a lot of our latest trading partners are constantly stealing our intellectual property, copying our personal tech devices, hijacking our famous brands, and then selling these products all over the world. Large companies particularly in the technology field need to move so quick, or they are going to get passed by the competition thus patents often usually are not worth the paper these were written on, nor will the patent help the company protect itself using their competitors. (read: Bloomberg Business Week issue March 16, 2012, cover story; “Hey, China! Stop Stealing Our Stuff,” for more insight).

Sure, the business can sue if someone steals their idea, but by the time the lawsuit is finished, that technology has been leapfrogged three or four times, so it’s not really relevant at that time. Patent law is interesting since it grants a short-term monopoly on that technology, which was completed to make it worth the risk to invest in new inventions. However right now it appears it doesn’t really matter, and these corporations who definitely are bringing forth technologies must bring them forth so quickly that this Inventhelp Inventions Store process is becoming burdensome, slow, and also getting in the manner.

The businesses don’t need a patent, what they really want is running speed in the marketplace, and that would provide more competition, and lower prices for consumers and buyers of these technologies. Which could increase the productivity of our own economy and stay similar to an adrenaline shot. It appears unfortunate that on one hand our government tries to prevent monopolies, however with patent law it grants monopolies through the onset. It’s almost as if there exists a schizophrenic list of rules and regulations, and it is impeding business.

Worse, for the smalltime inventor, they don’t hold the wherewithal or even the money to protect their patents anyway. They could spend all their money obtaining a patent in the first place, however another company steals it, or someone from China just takes it, starts making these items, and all sorts of those funds they used on acquiring a patent, they could too have spent getting their product ready for market. The smalltime inventor with the proper backers could possibly carry it to advertise, but that doesn’t negate the international competition, plus it only means the smalltime inventor has no chance. Thus they must market it, provide away, or have it stolen.

If so, we aren’t protecting the smalltime inventor, and also the corporations don’t need our protection, nor should we need them busy fighting in the courtroom, they ought to spend those resources moving ahead to another generation of technologies. When we got rid of the patent laws altogether, what can change? Well, you could state that everything would change, but that could iqpzlk prevent corporations and businesses, or entrepreneurs from taking risks in the industry provided that you will find buyers and sellers prepared to participate in trade of their hard-earned dollars those technologies.

Since this problem is so complicated, and clouded with lawyers, laws, politics, corporate interests, international challenges, and regulations it’s just turned into a giant fiasco of biblical proportions, and I would submit to you personally we usually are not helping ourselves by continuing to legitimize this monster we’ve created. Either we need a complete overhaul of Can I Patent An Idea, or we have to ditch the whole thing, because it’s not stopping China from taking what they need anyway. May too have Americans copy Americans in that case. Indeed I really hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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